Meet Third Coast Percussion: Our Ensemble-in-Residence

Chicago-based quartet, Third Coast Percussion, was named the DeBartolo Performing Art Center’s first Ensemble-in-Residence in 2013. Third Coast Percussion is Sean Connor, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin and David Skidmore. 

The center is very fortunate to enjoy the services of this outstanding resident ensemble. They play an important role in enhancing our arts education, audience engagement. The quartet is also among the center’s Presenting Series artists who are redefining chamber music performance programming and the concert experience.

Third Coast Percussion performs innovative programs of contemporary music, regularly compose their own original works, collaborate with leading American composers for annual Presenting Series world premieres--each commissioned under the University of Notre Dame’s name--and participate in frequent workshops where University and community students are able to participate in instrument and music making with nationally and internationally known musicians of outstanding caliber.

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Residency Overview
The center’s Ensemble-in-Residence is already producing great insights into the world of contemporary music for students across our communities. Through a number of multidisciplinary partnerships, Third Coast Percussion gives Notre Dame and K-12 students expanded opportunities to develop richer skills and abilities not possible in a typical master class or workshop setting.

• As Ambassadors
Increasing the visibility of the Arts at Notre Dame and sharing the center’s progressive vision for the arts in society at home and abroad.

• As Performers
Showcasing world premieres often in the form of collaborative projects with Notre Dame students, faculty and acclaimed artists; integrating new media and technology in concerts.

• As Innovators
Collaborating across academic and performing arts disciplines, including in-depth work the Notre Dame’s Department of Engineering to develop K-12 curriculum, starting with the projects ndWAVES and steamND, integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with the arts (STEAM).

• As Teachers
Leading lectures and demonstrations at Notre Dame, guest coaching student chamber and percussion ensembles, and applied training in arts administration and the business of being a touring artist.

• As Community Members
Spending a minimum of six weeks annually embedded in and supporting the growth of a dynamic South Bend community: living, working, creating and building long-term relationships.

Featured Third Coast Residencies
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Contact Information
Sean Martin
Associate Director of Programming and Engagement
Phone: (574) 631-2808