Summer Classics at the Browning Cinema

By Ricky Herbst, Cinema Program Director for the Browning Cinema, June 15, 2018

[About a 1 MIN read]

With the academic year wrapped up in tissue paper and sent down the elevator, we move into the light and airy summer months here at the Browning Cinema. While the Browning Cinema goes dark in June, programming returns with the relatively new yet quickly beloved Summer Classics series. Running on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. starting July 11, the Summer Classics look to present a cross-section of filmic eras.

This year, the films come from various moments in the history of musicals. (A sign that we’re trading in musicals is that more films end with exclamation mark than don’t.) The series starts with the Rodgers and Hammerstein Oscar-winning classic Oklahoma! from 1955 before skipping into the next decade with Hello, Dolly!, another awards favorite, from 1969. While about the 1960s, Milos Forman’s version of Hair hit screens in 1979 and marks the midpoint of the series. As a tie-in with the ANDkids World Film Festival, a sing-along version of Annie from 1983 will be screened to kick off the festival. The last film in the series is Moulin Rouge!, a recent classic from 2001 and ignitor of the newest eras of musicals.

Turning to the Top 3 portion of Establishing Shot, Ted and Ricky discuss the films they watched too young, a common childhood memory for people who walked in on horror films or psychological thrillers or foreign films and were left with minor scars or major questions (or often a combination of the two). As two children of the cable/satellite era, Ted and Ricky have much fodder for movies they weren’t ready to comprehend.