Wind It Back + Start Again

By Ricky Herbst, Cinema Program Director for the Browning Cinema, February 9, 2018

[About a 2 MIN read]

Ted and Ricky are back in the warm confines of the Browning Cinema to discuss the full slate of films February has in place.  February is one of the busier months here in the Browning with no planned breaks or holidays. Further, the American film awards season crescendos during the month giving arthouses both more supply and demand. Of note, the Browning will be showing multiple films nominated for Oscars, including The Florida Project, The Square, and a weekend full of short films nominated for Oscars in three categories: live action, documentary (program A and program B), and animated. An annual audience favorite, the Oscar Shorts allow the completists out there (audiences who want to see any and all films nominated for Oscars) their shot at ticking off the entire list.

This month also sees the continuation of a three-semester-long series as well as a film festival. Sunday Family Films has a diverse offering, including the rarely exhibited Polly and the just-in-time-for-the-Olympics Cool Runnings. Gender and Rock keeps the volume up with This is Spinal Tap, The Decline of Western Civilization, and School of Rock. Lastly, the Learning Beyond the Classics series featuring films form 1968 has Memories of Underdevelopment from Cuba, the spaghetti western Once Upon a Time in the West, and Kill! from Japan. Complementing those is the weekend-long ScreenPeace Film Festival, an annual collaboration with the Kroc Institute, that showcases global cinema and films that address peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

In the soon-to-be-trademarked Top 3 portion of the podcast, Ted and Ricky honor Groundhog Day by discussing films they can watch over and over and over (and over (and over))—films that just passing by the TV and seeing them can trap you for the next 90 minutes—and what about those movies makes them such enjoyable (or dutiful) experiences.