Five reasons why seeing Kristin Chenoweth should be on your Bucket List

By Connor Reilly '20 | English and Classics Major, September 14, 2018 Students

[About a 5 MIN read]

Full disclosure: I love musical theater. It’s a side effect of being part of a theater company for two years, but it probably all started with an off-Broadway production of Spamalot I saw when I was ten. Either witch way, when I found out Kristin Chenoweth, the star of Wicked, was coming to perform at the University of Notre Dame, I couldn’t quite believe it. After using Defying Gravity to pump myself up for so many 5ks, I could finally listen to her in person. So, in case you aren’t already as excited as I am, here are five reasons you should stop reading this and just go get tickets:

  1. She’s Wicked talented: Kristin Chenoweth’s best-known role was the original Glinda in the hit Broadway musical Wicked. If you haven’t seen Wicked, go listen to the soundtrack once or ten times—it’s an incredible show and Chenoweth’s voice sells the role perfectly.
  2. Don’t forget the Tony: Before Wicked, Kristin Chenoweth won the 1999 Tony Award for playing Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. The role was created just for the 1999 revival of the play, meaning she was the first person to ever play the role and she won a Tony for it.
  3. She’s a dual threat: It doesn’t stop with a Tony. Kristin Chenoweth is just as well known for her acting on the screen as on the stage. She has appeared in The West Wing, Glee, and Pushing Daisies, among others. She was nominated for an Emmy for all three—winning for Pushing Daisiesmaking her one of a few people to win the most prestigious award available for both television and theater.
  4. Her voice is just that good: Here is a video of Kristin Chenoweth harmonizing with a fire alarm. Anyone who can make a burnt popcorn mishap into a jam session is worth a listen.
  5. You could be starring with her someday: If you haven’t heard, the Notre Dame Film, Television, and Theater department has started a new minor in musical theater. What better way to celebrate and inspire yourself than to watch one of the titans of musical theater live on stage?

Kristin Chenoweth is one of the most talented people to sing on a stage or act on television. Tickets are still available, so don’t miss your chance to see a Broadway legend!