Five Reasons to see Raul Midón in Concert at the Center

By Teagan Early '20 | Film, Television, Theatre Major, January 21, 2019 Student Review, Students

[About a 5 MIN read]

I’m a fan of all types of music—my playlists are a hodgepodge of classical music, rock, rap, indie, French pop, R&B, showtunes, you name it. So when I heard that Raul Midón was coming to campus, a performer who is inspired by just as many genres of music as I am, I was pumped to check out his sound.

The first of his songs I listened to was Sunshine (I Can Fly), and I was immediately mesmerized by his unique, poetic lyrics and smooth, versatile voice … then he switched to singing in Spanish for the bridge! And as I continued to listen, I realized that Raul had a song for every mood you can be in and every sound you might be craving. Needless to say, songs from all of his albums have found their way onto my playlists.

Here are five reasons why you should come to his concert at the Center on Saturday, January 26, 2019:

  1. His albums, Bad Ass and Blind and If You Really Want, have earned him back-to-back Grammy nominations. During the “Meet the Nominees” segment, they said: “Raul Midón certainly does things his own way … his career [has created] his own recipe of jazz, rock, flamenco … an experimental joyride.”
  2. He was born blind and has said that, since childhood, people were always telling him what he could and couldn’t do because of that blindness. So one day, he resolved to spend the rest of his life defying every expectation and stereotype—proving the naysayers wrong in the most awesome ways.
  3. He has an impeccable sense of style. A connoisseur of three-piece suits and sweet hats, Mr. Midón is always dressed to impress.
  4. The New York Times called him a “one-man band who turns a guitar into an orchestra and his voice into a chorus.”
  5. His song Pick Somebody Up explains why he chose and continues to choose music, despite its exhausting challenges; because he likes being able to pick people up when they’re down, with his songs. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hang out with a great guy like that? He would literally serenade you when you’re feeling sad!

Discover or rediscover Raul’s rich music and artistry on January 26 at 7 p.m.! It’s gonna be a blast!