Engage Now

The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center is committed to providing leadership in arts education and to enhance the quality of and access to arts education for those in our communities—from children to adults, Notre Dame to greater Michiana.

Art Works

Studies continue to show students who participate in arts programs demonstrate gains in their math, reading, critical thinking and verbal skills. Urban planners, economic developers, and business and municipal leaders recognize the economic vitality, attractiveness and “livability” of a city or region is enhanced by an active arts and culture sector.

And, dance, theater, music and film are ways for us to experience what we call Learn.Connect.Relate. It is your life changing for a moment or forever. You can be entertained, encounter a new point of view or be moved by emotions whether anger, empathy or joy. Our mission is ensuring that encounters with artists, filmmakers and their ideas happen inside and outside of our building. We seen time and again that art is at its best when shared in community.

Art works. From the humankind's first ritual dance to iPhone cinematography, we believe in the power of the performing and cinematic arts to build community, promote civic engagement and create social change.

Our Role in Making Art Work

Our commitment to promoting understanding and action on issues facing our communities—particularly K–12 education—is an integral part of our history. This commitment drives our service mission.

Serving our Communities

Bringing People Together to Learn. Connect. Relate.

Kennedy Center Partners in Education

Our Ensemble-in-Residence

Engagement Projects 



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