Ted and Ricky’s Director Trifecta

By Ricky Herbst, Cinema Program Director for the Browning Cinema, December 6, 2017

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With the close of the Fall 2017 semester, so too comes the Winter Break. And each Winter Break is observed with solemnity by the Browning Cinema as it goes dark for roughly one month until Notre Dame returns to session.

Two films will be slipping in prior to that hiatus, though. The first is Frederick Wiseman’s enrapturing three hour (and then some) documentary Ex Libris: The New York Public Library. Wiseman’s films are rather recognizable, in part, for his let’s-coolly-observe-institutions-and-bureaucratic-processes style, which is detached yet engaging. His career spans 50 years, and what is likely his best-known film, which examines daily life in a high school and is rather directly titled High School, will be part of the 1968 Film Series next semester.

The second film before the holidays is also a New York City joint. The last of the semester’s Sunday Family Film Series will be Miracle on 34th Street, the holiday classic from now 70 years ago wherein Kris Kringle (played by Edmund Gwenn in an Oscar-winning role) goes before the New York City bench to prove he is, indeed, Santa Claus. A note that the success and support for the Sunday Family Film Series, which happens every Sunday at noon with kids 12 and under receiving free admission, will continue into next semester. Be on the lookout for the Spring semester offerings in the near future.

The episode wraps up with Ted and Ricky engaging the recent thought experiment about which director had the greatest run of three straight films.  For example, a common answer offered online, which neither Ted nor Ricky support, was Stephen Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan (1998), A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), and Minority Report (2002). Ted and Ricky both discuss the merits (and detriments) of such a thought experiment and present their top three directors each with their run of three films, which makes for a 3^3 cube and a bunch of binge-worthy options as the break approaches.

Cassavetes – Faces, Husbands, Minnie & Moskowitz

-Ted Barron (@tedbarronND) November 24, 2017