Browning Cinema

Browning Cinema

Browning Cinema Relaunches Community Summer Film Studies Program

Summer Film School is a great way to learn the basics of recognizing and analyzing the unique conventions movies use to have flat, giant... Read More

Live Score: La Quena de la Muerte (1929)

Through a special arrangement with Cinema Argentina, the 1929 silent film "La Quena de la Muerte" was re-energized with a new score by... Read More

Live Score: The Passion of the Joan of Arc (1928)

In April 2018, Ahmed Ag Kaedi, Dramane Toure, and Belco Guido (together as the group Amical Blues) traveled to the University … Read More

The Oscars in a Pandemic: A Closer Look

Establishing Shot hosts Ted and Ricky with guest, Chris Becker, discuss how the pandemic affected film exhibition and the subsequent feting... Read More

Good Movies, Bad Dates, and Lessons Learned

This Valentine's Day, our Cinema Program Director Ricky Herbst shares stories of three disastrous movie dates and the lessons that can be... Read More

Winter Watch List: Films for Cold Weather

Cinema Program Director Ricky Herbst shares three of his favorite "warm weather" films to watch when it's too cold to go outside. Read More

Five Noteworthy Films to Binge this Halloween

This Halloween, Cinema Program Director Ricky Herbst highlights noteworthy films from Taste of Cinema's horror film collections. Read More

Browning Cinema to host virtual discussions, bringing community together through art

As a way to continue its involvement in film for the Notre Dame community and beyond, the Browning Cinema has launched its first series of... Read More

Browning cinema offers high-quality movie-going experience on campus

Located in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, the Browning Cinema is a THX-certified, 200-seat theater that offers a variety of programs... Read More

Henrietta Lacks, HPV + a Lifesaving Vaccine

The Browning Cinema recently screened The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. The evening stemmed from two particular connections at Notre... Read More

New Learning Beyond the Classics series explores Hitchcock films

From Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint scrambling across Mt. Rushmore to Jimmy Stewart leaping into San Francisco Bay to … Read More

10th Annual ANDkids World Film Festival runs August 1–3

The 10th Annual ANDkids World Film Festival is set to launch this upcoming August 1-3. The 2018 festival includes twelve screenings,... Read More