Building a Better Stage. Together.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Accessibility

Building a Better Stage. Together.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Accessibility

The Center’s Statement on DEIA

All cultures use the arts as a form of expression, but there haven’t been equal spotlights in their presentation. Joining those already expanding that focus, the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center commits to the following:

We present to unify.

We commit to building diversity across all areas of our business: our workforce, our audiences, and our presentation of the arts. We will act to end and repair the harm of racial injustice and indifference to all systems created to exclude and do harm.

We listen to respond.

We all know many voices are muted from major decisions at the University and in the community, including when deciding what is artistic. We want to change that by listening. By working together to expand who defines culture and to whom culture belongs, we will build inclusion in the arts.

We diversify to engage.

We love the differences artists and audiences bring to the world. We firmly believe the validation, exchanges, and connections made by more diverse arts will make our world more just. We join the many who have been working to bring change. 

The arts teach us who we are.

Through the arts, we affirm all identities and create a safe place where all can be heard, supported, and belong. Ending the silence around racism, marginalization, and hatred through art is tough work, but we’re up for the challenge —especially with your help.

Let’s make the center inclusive for all.

Our Initiatives

DEIA Committee

Accomplishments include completing a committee charter to embed its organizational purpose and progress, priority projects to improve DPAC’s ability to drive meaningful change in its operations, artistic practices, and community relations, and its first annual accountability report.

Community Advisory Board

Volunteers from South Bend-area artists, activists, educators, entrepreneurs, and youth leaders guide our work to dismantle real and perceived barriers between the center and the rich, diverse community within which the University of Notre Dame lives.

SMU DataArts Workforce Demographics Study

In 2023, the center joined a national study to benchmark and better understand the diverse makeup of DPAC staff and volunteers to remain relevant to and representative of our changing society and local community. The center commits to biannual participation in this study.