Meet the Artist: Lalo Cura

By DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

[About a 3 MIN read]

Meet the Artist: Lalo Cura
Meet the Artist: Lalo Cura

Meet the Artist: Lalo Cura

By DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

[About a 3 MIN read]

Welcome to our next edition of “Meet the Artist,” where you’ll embark on the vibrant and soulful musical journey of Lalo Cura. The band captivates audiences with their fusion of Latin and soul music, through powerful rhythms and melodies. We are excited to feature the band as a part of our Presenting Series’ Cultural Collective.

We’ve asked the group to answer a few questions to help us get to know them better. Let’s delve into the artistic journey, influences, and intricacies that define the distinctive sound of Lalo Cura.

How has the band evolved over the years?

The band never stops evolving. That is why it is still engaging to all of us. For me, the band is at its best place, musically and mentally, and that has taken a lot of work from each of us; a lot of commitment. I started this band in 2012, but in 2017, Sam and I hit the reset button and I believe that to be the real starting point of what Lalo Cura is today. First came Brendyn, then he was followed by Khalin, and Terrell. These musicians, arguably the best musicians in South Bend, have created the most interesting and challenging musical context I have ever been in. I am looking forward to what we will do in the future. – Rafael

What is the band’s creative process?

Starts out with Rafael presenting a demo of songs that he wrote. The goal is to take each song, and spend time with each one, allowing all of the different ideas in the room the opportunity to manifest. Once all of the songs are complete individually, that’s where the variety comes; piecing together the right story to tell for each performance. – Khalin Diggins

What is the most challenging piece in your current musical repertoire and why? What is the band’s favorite piece to perform at a show?

I enjoy every piece we play. I like the way our shows are put together when it comes to structure, but we still have room to stretch and push the boundaries of our music and inject improvisation which resembles jazz. My favorite song is “Yohualli” because anything can happen. – Sam Que

How do you prepare before a show?

I make sure before every show that “I Pray before I Play.”  It sets a positive mood before the show for me. Growing up as a church kid, I was taught that Prayer changes things. It has proven to be very effective over the years for me. – Brendyn Cane

What’s the best advice the band has ever received?

Don’t be afraid to take risks! Our band has enough talent to take any risk that we need to, as long as we support each other’s creativity and ideas. – Khalin Diggins

What genres of music do the members of the band enjoy?

I feel as if this is not a secret; I enjoy playing and listening to gospel music. Gospel music is my first love and go-to for spiritual guidance and inspiration in life. – Terrell Ross

We want to thank the band members of Lalo Cura for taking the time to share more about themselves and their music. Get ready to discover a band that’s not just making music; they’re crafting an experience that resonates with the soul.

Lalo Cura MTA

November 10th & 11th at 7:30pm

Lalo Cura

Lalo Cura melds Latin and soul music, resulting in a fusion of powerful rhythms and irresistible melodies. Their music is characterized by Santana-inspired guitar solos and culturally progressive lyrics anchored in universal experiences such as love and social issues. Singing primarily in Spanish, Lalo Cura easily connects with all audiences.

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