Frightfully Fun Films and Costumes in Film History

By DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, September 30, 2019

[About a 1 MIN read]

Ted and Ricky rundown a sööper spööky October film lineup with plenty of family-friendly and more mature frights, alongside the launch of two new Learning Beyond the Classics series featuring (1) the films of 1999 and (2) Abbas Kiarostami.

Moving to the Top 3 portion of the show, in honor of Halloween, our Establishing Shot hosts discuss their favorite costumes in film history. Joining them to do so is Lynn Holbrook, goddess of the ND costume world and builder of jaw-dropping stage costumes. Together the three chat about a gamut of films ranging from Restoration to The Stepford Wives (and everything in between, including some apocalypses and velvety goldmines).