Art Attack

Bring Art to Your Life

– Save the Date –August 22, 2018 4:30 p.m.–6:30 p.m.


Join us for our fifth annual ART ATTACK @ DPAC. It’s an arts crawl under one roof! Students can sample the diverse range of performing, visual, and literary arts on campus and enjoy an evening of great entertainment brought to you by the Arts@ND group.

Check out the Arts scene on campus and bring art to (Your) life!


Student performances + fine art

Free food + ShakesBeer

Job info

Audition info


Games + Giveaways

and more!

Performances by

The Echoes


Notre Dame Swing

Troop ND

Unchained Melodies


and more!

Photo Gallery

2015-2016 Art Attack Slideshow


2016-2017 Art Attack Slideshow


2016-2017 Art Attack Slideshow


Share your photos using hashtag #ArtAttack!

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Art Attack @ DPAC humbly began a few years ago with a few information tables and student performances. This annual event held the first week of fall classes is now helping students find their path to participating in, exploring, and enjoying the arts at Notre Dame.

Come, join in the fun! Connect with fellow students while learning more about the Arts at ND.


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