Five Reasons to see Postmodern Jukebox in Concert

By Connor Reilly '20 | English and Classics Major, January 28, 2019 Students

[About a 5 MIN read]

I’ve been waiting for the Postmodern Jukebox concert since I first heard they were performing here, and you should be too. The day after our Presenting Series was announced, I looked up their music for the first time to see what they were all about. The day after that, I was listening to their entire repertoire on Spotify while struggling through a very long essay about place and narrative in Frankenstein (I credit my A on that paper mostly to their rendition of Thriller.) They’re the most fun act at the Center this year and you will be sorely missing out if you don’t make it to their show.

But, if my word isn’t enough to convince you, here are five reasons you should be buying your tickets already.

  1. You like the classics: Postmodern Jukebox is the best modern revival of old-timey music styles like jazz, swing, and ragtime. They perfectly recreate the sounds of the big band era, jazz clubs, and rat pack-style crooners. If you miss the old days (whether you were there or not), this will fix you on nostalgia.
  2. You like the new stuff: Postmodern Jukebox recreates the best music of the last couple decades in new styles. If you have ever wanted to hear what your favorite pop song is like with a standing base and a brass section, now is your only chance.
  3. Rag(time) to Riches: Postmodern Jukebox is a fun example of how anyone can make something they love into a sensation. The band started making Youtube videos in the creator Scott Bradlee’s basement and has become an international sensation, touring six continents and even the most distinguished stage, the Leighton Concert Hall of the DPAC.
  4. The widest variety of talent: Postmodern Jukebox has attracted dozens of musicians to play with them over the years, including several vocalists from American Idol, the best musicians of all types, and of course the ringleader and pianist, Scott Bradlee.
  5. The perfect music for any occasion: You have a lot of homework to power through? Put on a playlist of some quieter songs and focus. You’re at a party? Put on their rendition of Africa or Dancing in the Dark and introduce everyone to a new (or old?) kind of dance party. You’re in the shower? Sing along to their karaoke albums, we won’t judge you.

You’re free on February 2nd? Call up DPAC now and order your tickets. You aren’t free on February 2nd? Cancel your plans, we’ve got a much better night in store for you.