The Arts at Notre Dame

Connecting people through powerful, shared experiences in the performing and cinematic arts.


The arts at Notre Dame reflect the diversity and cultures of a student body drawn from all 50 states and 100 countries. With over 900 arts events annually and numerous programs and departments, the Notre Dame campus offers an opulent variety of opportunities for students to share their expression.

The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center collaborates with faculty and administrators from University academic departments, centers, and institutes to increase the impact the performing and cinematic arts have on campus life. The shared goal is providing our students, faculty, staff, and community immersive experiences with world-class artists, filmmakers, industry professionals, and scholars.

Our resident arts departments and producers from campus are growing the ranks of talented alumni in media, music, and theater. Together we’re building Notre Dame’s artistic reputation and fulfilling the promise of the south campus arts district.