Arts at ND

Perspectives from the Executive Director: A Wealth of Talent

This has been a remarkable year for us at the Center, one of our best in terms of overall attendance at events. We are fortunate to do the... Read More

Hitting the High Notes for 15 Years

This month we announce the Presenting Series’s 15th anniversary season. Few things today bring people together quite like shared... Read More

Music in All Directions: An Examination of Style in Music of Philip Glass

In 1952, Philip Glass left his childhood home in Baltimore for the University of Chicago. A precocious 15-year-old, Glass had passed the... Read More

Todd Rundgren’s influence at Notre Dame dates back to The Nazz

The Nazz from Philadelphia lasted just three years. But The Nazz at Notre Dame still exists. It’s now called Acoustic Café. Student... Read More

Exploring race, manipulation, and identity with Shakespeare’s “Othello”

"The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice" brings all-too-relevant tension to any stage it appears upon, particularly in a world... Read More

Perspectives from the Executive Director: Restorative Breathing

Whenever we end a season at DPAC, there’s a palpable sense of exhaustion in our halls. I work with an incredibly talented and committed... Read More

Exploring the outcast, the excluded, and the other.

What does Shakespeare have to say about those on the margins of society? Those who are cast out, forgotten, pushed aside? Quite a lot, as... Read More

Summer Means Shakespeare

This summer’s Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival kicks off Friday, July 13. Lucky you. This six-week celebration of all things Shakespeare... Read More

Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival Announces Casting for “Othello”

The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival (NDSF) has announced the casting for its upcoming production of The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of... Read More

Stabat Mater (The Mother Stood)

The Stabat Mater, which words translate from their Latin to mean “the mother stood,” descends to us today from a 13th-century poem of... Read More