Top 3: Oscar Upsets with Guest Mark Torma

By Ricky Herbst, Cinema Program Director for the Browning Cinema, February 28, 2020

[About a 1 MIN read]

Ted and Ricky begin this Establishing Shot episode talking about recent goings-on at the Browning Cinema. Highlights include a screening of Matthew Barney’s latest picture and a Learning Beyond the Classics course on capital punishment depicted in film through a partnership with the Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights. With a historic Oscars in their wake, they also chat about the Browning’s sold-out screenings of Best Picture winner Parasite, a film many were pleasantly surprised to see received the Oscar’s top honor.

That inspires the latest Top 3 segment of unpleasant surprises at the Oscars. Ted and Ricky are joined by Mark Torma, Executive Director of the Volunteer Lawyer Network and Oscar trivia buff, to run through their Top 3 films that were nominated for Best Picture but lost to an inferior film, including The Right Stuff in 1983 (Ted), Auntie Mame in 1958 (Ricky), and The Insider in 1999 (Mark).