Five Reasons why American Ballet Theatre Studio Company is a MUST SEE!

By Rachel Thomas '20 | Communications and Musical Theatre, Saint Mary's College, May 2, 2019 Students

[About a 6 MIN read]

Having grown up with 8 years of ballet training, I would say I am pretty well-versed in the art of dance. I was instructed by a former American Ballet Theatre principal, Erica Fischbach. What she taught me in those years of training is something I will never forget. The education I received as a dancer is unlike any other form of education I have ever experienced or ever will experience. Because of my time working under ABT curriculum, I am now a well-trained dancer, extremely disciplined in all areas of my life, knowledgeable in many forms of music and dance, and most importantly, a lover of the arts.

In particular, I am a lover of ballet.

When I saw that the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) Studio Company was coming to perform at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, I knew this was an opportunity I could not pass up. But ballet is an important art form to watch whether or not you are a dancer and this show by the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company, in particular, is a must-see.

Ballet is among one of the most beautiful forms of dance. It is not only a joy to do—it is also a joy to watch. This performance will be unique and beyond anything you have ever seen because it will include not just classical repertoire, but also new ensemble pieces as well! These eight soloists and nine principal dancers are trained to perform in the most graceful and poised of ways, making this performance, one to remember.

Not only will this be a show of great beauty, but it will also display the rising ballet stars of the ABT Studio Company. These ballerinas range from ages 16–20. They are a young group of vibrant dancers on the cusp of becoming the next Misty Copeland! These are prodigies of the dance world about to make a name for themselves. You do not want to miss their debut here at the Center. In just a few short years, they will be the new faces of ABT and you have the chance to see them now before they are performing in sold out shows around the world!

Getting to experience the theater itself is another reason to see the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company on stage. The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center is among one of the most beautiful art venues in South Bend and the Patricia George Decio Theatre, in particular, is the perfect place to experience ABT Studio Company dancers in their prime. One of the most defining characteristics of this space is its beautiful proscenium arch. The theater also provides a close and intimate experience with the performers onstage with its seating of 350 people. The mezzanine gives a spectacular view of the dancers and their beautiful formations on stage while the floor space allows for a more personal experience with the performers. No matter which you prefer, there is a perfect spot for everyone in this theater. It is the ideal spot for experiencing the magnificence and splendor of the company.

No matter what you have personally experienced with ballet, I can say with confidence that the performance of the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company is a must-see event. Ballet is one of the most beautiful forms of dance and this performance, in particular, will be unique from anything you have ever seen. The performers of this company are up and rising stars of ABT and there is no better place to watch them perform than in the stunning Decio Theatre at the Center. Do not miss your opportunity to experience the beauty and excellence of the American Ballet Theater Studio Company this May. I can promise, you won’t regret it.