Transforming Art Spaces into Educational Spaces

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the mass closure of businesses and other public spaces like the venues of the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center was unthinkable. However, the months since March 2020 again prove we are nothing if not adaptable, especially when facing challenges.

Here faculty, students, and center staff quickly turned a canceled season of events into a greater resolve to fulfill the University’s mission throughout the 20/21 academic year. These are those stories.

Transforming Arts Spaces into Educational Spaces

Peter Holland

Associate Dean for the Arts

Paul Blaschko

Department of Philosophy

Anne Garcia-Romero

Department of Film, Television, and Theatre

Diogo Bolster

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Anthony Pagliarini

Department of Theology

Forrest Spence

Department of Economics

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