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Michael Collins (1996)

Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Michael Collins Learning Beyond the Classics
Learning Beyond the Classics: Screening the Irish Troubles
Directed by Neil Jordan
With Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Julia Roberts
Rated R, 133 minutes, DCP

Neil Jordan’s biopic of the Irish leader won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival en route to becoming the highest-grossing film in Ireland at the time. The film follows Michael Collins (Liam Neeson), who leads the Irish Republican Army with the help of his friends Harry Boland (Aidan Quinn) and Eamon de Valera (Alan Rickman), in a violent battle for Ireland's independence from Britain. But, when he fears the defeat of his revolution, Collins negotiates a treaty with the British, deeming him a traitor to the IRA. When he receives orders to murder his friends, Collins must decide where his loyalties lie.

Free for ND, SMC, HC, and IUSB students.

Co-presented by Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies. Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.


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